Flavored Food

There are plenty of ways to please the taste buds without making your dish a calorie bomb! Building a natural flavor to food without having to count on salt, sugar or fat is a secret every health enthusiast wants to unveil.

You don’t have to count on high-calorie marinades or sauces to make your dishes delicious and exciting every time. If you are a healthy eater and tired of relying on the few nutritional standbys like steamed veggies, lean protein, and whole grains and want to add flavor naturally to the food without compromising the nutritional values then cheers mate! You’ve landed on the right page.

Five Ways to Enhance the Flavour of Your Food

Cooking at home is a fun, healthy, and cost-effective activity. You cook the food you enjoy eating the most. However, with simple tips, you literally can make the taste a priority while preparing nutritious, satisfying meals.

Use freshly squeezed citric juice

Do not go for concentrated bottled lemon juice rather squeeze the fresh citrus juice some moments ago before dishing out the food. When you add citrus juice when the food is half cooked, you make the bright sparkly flavor to mud and dull taste in the cooking. If your food needs a little something, it is certainly the lemon juice or vinegar it gives a contrast to food that otherwise will be super heavy or sweet. Nearly, all great food requires an acid to add the taste.  A food with no acid highlights will not bring the best flavor and your guest or anyone you cook for, will not crave for more. 

Browned food is synonymous with flavored food

Appearance does matter when it comes to delicious food. Picture two vanilla ice cream one topped with caramel sauce and another has a syrup dumped over the plain ice-cream scoop. Which one you would go with! It’s easy to choose from! Right! Browned food looks and tastes more delicious and it is not just a perception yet a science. When food gets brown, amino acids and carbohydrates face a set of complex reactions where they cascade more flavourful and delicious food with a better aroma.   

Always buy freshly ground spices

Throw the spices before they start smelling like ancient mummy dust and are not adding the flavor they are supposed to. When the spices are more exposed to air, they age a lot faster and eventually lose the taste. For the best flavor from your spices, start with the whole seed and grind as you go. Some spices are hard to grind like turmeric and for such spices, consider buying them in a pre-grind shape and buy them in a large quantity from a place with a better turnaround.

Marinate the food before cooking

The trick is simple, mix different spices you use in your food along with herbs in a fresh citrus juice. You can use either vinegar or wine depending upon your preference. Now coat your food thoroughly with this and put it in a refrigerator for at least an hour before cooking.

Use fat to brighten nearly any dish

Fat is also synonymous with flavor, use fat pretty much always to add a delicious touch to the food. Most of the flavor in meats comes from the lipid makeup of the animals and it is a distinctive rainbow of the flavor and you can use it anywhere to make things more delicious.

Wrapping up

Intensifying the taste of the meal is easy; simply adopt high heat cooking techniques like grilling, broiling, or pan-searing. Also, roast veggies at a comparatively hot temperature with high heat oil and add the herbs occasionally. Be sure to pep up the food with peppers of all varieties or simply add a dash of hot pepper sauce to make food more delicious. You can also give a flavor burst with high-quality condiments like flavored chutney, wasabi, bean purees, and tapenade not to mention the salsas of all kinds.

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