Our Story

We started a small café in Ilford street and soon emerged as a local institution catering to the needs of adults and kids and began introducing the best country food from scratch with an extensive menu of premium cocktails.  We created the amalgamation of the Latin rhythms and vibrant color pattern of the southern with just one aim to provide the foodaholic scrumptious and most delicious food. We are independent spirited and are in love with what we do.  We are passionate to share the most authentic and genuine taste of the food; we have discovered some of the innovative and flavoursome dishes from healthy nutrients

Christopher Daniel

Head of Cook
Dishes Menu

Our Ethics

Our chefs experience cooking spans a decade, and they cook from scratch classic salsas, curries, and sauces by hand each day and create the cuisines with love and care. We always make sure the menu is inclusive and possesses a choice for people with halal and non-halal dishes and a separate menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The halal poultry is pre-stunned and is in line with EU guidelines and our unending commitment to animal welfare.  We continually seek and listen to the advice of health care communities, independent experts, and the welfare system to provide you with food made from 100% natural and fresh ingredients.